CrossWay On Purpose – Session 12

Last Wednesday we had a great discussion with the 10 who were present for CrossWay On Purpose.  It really seemed like God was answering our prayers for clarity and direction.

We started out by looking at a picture of the Rosetta Stone.  I felt kind of guilty because the previous week I’d dumped a ton of information on everyone, but didn’t really give them the key to sort out and understand all the data.  So in this session I gave them the Rosetta Stone, the key to making sense of the giant lists we’d compiled over two or three months.

This “Rosetta Stone” was a much simplified list, with key phrases in bold red.  They were put in order to progress logically.  There were five lists, each pertaining to one of the purposes of the church that we found through our survey of Scripture.  On large sheets of chart paper, I made an even shorter list of key words that were drawn from the key phrases.  I know this sounds confusing, but the idea was to condense all the information and whittle away at it until a clear picture began to emerge.

And it happened!

This is what we came up with:

(1) One of God’s purposes for CrossWay Church is to come together to experience worship of Jesus. Key words: experience, come to, worship, together, love, respond, seek.

(2) One of God’s purposes for CrossWay Church is to have true authentic connection in a community.  Key words: unity, belong, pray, edify, community, connected, fellowship, accountability, authenticity.

(3) One of God’s purposes for CrossWay Church is to show our love by using our gifts to minister to others.  Key words: love, works, pray, serve, use gifts, minister.

(4) One of God’s purposes for CrossWay Church is to go and spread the Word.  Key words: go, evangelism, spread the Word, declare, witness, missional.

(5) One of God’s purposes for CrossWay Church is to learn, love, and live God’s Word while we strive to be like Jesus.  Key words: learn & love & live God’s Word, be like Jesus, Christlikeness, growth, know, joy.

It’s starting to come together!

We also reached a decision about the direction of CrossWay On Purpose.  We’re going to meet for two more Wednesday nights.  This Wednesday, we’re going to talk about practical ways we can love God & love people.  It will take time to develop our vision and strategy, but in the meantime, we can’t sit around doing nothing.  We know without a doubt that it’s God’s will for us to love Him and love people, so that’s what we’re going to do.

The following Wednesday, we’ll discuss some ideas for outreach events.  We’ll nail down a plan for our first event, and get all the details worked out before we leave that night.

To continue with the mission of CrossWay On Purpose beyond our Wednesday night meetings, we’ll start getting together after church on the first Sunday of every month, beginning in November.  This will actually be a leadership meeting, where we’ll have lunch, further discuss and plan what we started in CrossWay On Purpose, address other issues and needs, assign tasks for carrying out plans, and pray.  Everyone who wants to come will be welcome at this monthly gathering.

Since we won’t be meeting on Wednesday nights after next week, we’ll be able to start up some fellowship groups.  Our mens group and womens group both took a break to participate in CrossWay On Purpose.  Now that we’re moving to one Sunday afternoon a month, hopefully those groups–and other kinds of small groups–will get going during the week.

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