The Holy Spirit

Yesterday at CrossWay we wrapped up our miniseries “Creed: God” by looking at what our Mennonite creed teaches about the Holy Spirit.

We explored some common misunderstandings and conflicts regarding the Holy Spirit.  Some see Him as a cosmic energy force.  Some see Him as a wind that blows through a church gathering and makes people act all weird.  Others don’t think He’s doing much of anything at all these days.

So what–or who–is the Holy Spirit, really?  The answer to that question is much bigger than anything we could cover in one blog post, one sermon, or even one Confession of Faith.

But simply stated, the Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity.  He is God the Spirit.  And He is our power for living.

We looked specifically at five truths about the Holy Spirit:

(1) He is God, the eternally-existing third person in the Trinity.

(2) He lived in Jesus Christ.

(3) He empowers the church.  Three ways He does this include: (a) He helps us to know, understand, remember, and apply the teachings of Jesus; (b) He enables us to obey God; and (c) He prays for us.  (Weird, I know, but read it for yourself in Romans 8:26-27!)

(4) He is the source of our life in Christ.

(5) He is poured out on those who trust in Christ, as the guarantee of redemption.

I know some of this might sound strange or confusing, but for further clarity, you can listen to the podcast which should be available for download later today.

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