A Mennonite Perspective on the Bible

Yesterday at CrossWay we began a new miniseries in “Creed.”  This one is a two-parter about God’s revelation of Himself to us.

In our last miniseries, we spent three weeks talking about how what we believe about God is important because it affects our daily lives as well as eternity.  The most important belief we have is what we believe about who God is.  But that raises the question: How can we know for sure who God really is?

God has revealed Himself to us in His creation, in Jesus, and in the Bible.  Yesterday we looked at what we believe as a Mennonite church about the Bible.  It boils down to five basic things:

(1) The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

(2) The Bible is God’s Word to us.

(3) We interpret Scripture in harmony with Jesus Christ.

(4) The Scriptures are the fully reliable standard for Christian faith and life.

(5) The Bible is for instruction in salvation and training in righteousness.

God gave us the Bible so that we could know Him, trust Him, and follow Him.  All this comes down to one thing: We should fall in love with God’s Word, and in so doing, fall in love with its Author.  To hear more, you can listen to the podcast of this message by following the CrossWay podcast link to the right.

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