Sponge Bob McDonald’s & The Dance Revolution

Yesterday Carolyn and I borrowed a couple little kids from some friends of ours.  We took Riley (age 5) and Jenna (almost 3) to the pier at St. Martin’s to catch some crabs and look at the fish.  They had a great time, slung mud all over Carolyn, and spent about an hour and a half there.

Then we went to Ocean City so they could play in the sand.  Riley flew a Spiderman kite while Jenna ran around and played with some buckets.  After a while they both headed for the water.  We figured they’d be timid around the water.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.  Jenna took off into the waves and got knocked down before I could catch her.  I thought it’d scare her out of running back into the water.  Wrong again.  In fact, we had to keep right next to both kids because they enjoyed the waves so much and had no concept of getting crushed under a wave or dragged out into the ocean.

A couple hours later, we headed for Dumser’s on the boardwalk.  Both kids got chocolate ice cream cones, which were as absolutely messy as possible.  We were next to an arcade that had one of those dancing game things.  Riley heard the music and the voice saying, “It’s a dance, dance revolution!”  Riley said, “It’s a dance, dance revorution!”  I asked him what a “revorution” was.  He said it’s when you dance.  So he had his own revorution and danced for about five minutes, entertaining the boardwalk crowd.  It was hilarious!

By the way, on the drive into Ocean City, I asked Jenna if she’s a baby.  She said, “Yup!”  Carolyn asked her if Riley is a baby, to which she answered, “Sponge Bob McDonald’s.”  Oh.  (Riley protested: “I’m a big kid!”)

From there we stopped at McDonald’s for dinner, which again took quite a while.  It was around 8:30 when we finally got them back home.  We hung out for a while with their baby twin sisters (who just turned six months old) and their parents, who sent us home with some homegrown potatoes and corn and some totally delicious buffalo wing dip.

Definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday!

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