Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday I went with Carolyn’s kindergarten class to visit the pumpkin patch.  It was Wright’s Market, the one we went to with Riley & Jenna a couple weeks ago.  The kids went through the corn maze, went on a hayride, picked pumpkins, had a snack, fed goats, and ate lunch.

There was one little guy who was in my group and sat next to me on the bus.  He’s one of the funniest kids I’ve ever known.  Some of his quotes:

  • As we walked past the goats to get to the corn maze: “I wanna see the animals cuz animals are cute!”
  • Yelling, in the middle of the pumpkin patch lady’s little talk about the corn maze: “I love animals!”
  • As we started to enter the maze: “I’m allergic to mazes.”
  • When the tractor driver closed the wagon door before we went on the hayride: “Thank you, Farmer!”
  • Picking out his pumpkin: “I want this one for pumpkin pie!”
  • After it sounded like he sneezed and I said “bless you”: “No no, that was a cough actually.”
  • “I have big strong muscles because I’m five!”
  • While trying to bend my thumb backwards: “Are you tough?”
  • Showing me the faded remains of his forearm tattoo: “I got it from a tattoo shop!”

And that’s just one kid!  Here are some quotes from other kindergarteners:

  •  Little girl questioning Carolyn’s full-time assistant: “Where do you work?”
  • Another little girl: “I smell purple.”
  • And my favorite: One little girl asked how old I was.  I told her I’m 32.  Her response, very matter-of-fact: “You’re gonna be in heaven soon.”

Kids.  Ya gotta love ’em.

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