Strange & Change

It’s a strange week.  I have more morning appointments than usual, which is knocking me off my groove a little.  And I thought I knew exactly where I was going with the sermon for this Sunday; but when I got started, I realized it was not a sermon–it’s a series!  So that’s shelved for another time, though I’d still like to tackle the same topic.

The topic: change.

So many of us are intimidated by change.  But change is inevitable.  Besides, who said change has to be bad?  When you get a raise at work, that’s change.  When you get a promotion, that’s change.  When you go on vacation, that’s change.  When you get married, that’s change.  When you lose weight, that’s change.  When a major problem gets solved, that’s change.

More importantly, when we grow closer to Jesus, that’s change.  And when we effectively reach others with the good news about Jesus, that’s change.

Whenever we feel afraid of impending change, or even possible change, we should probably ask ourselves: Is everything around us really so totally perfect that we don’t want anything to change?


The more I study it and reflect on it and start writing out notes, the more I realize that change really is a series-size topic.  Not sure what that means for this Sunday.  But whichever way it goes, I’m going to enjoy having a one-week break from our Creed series to tackle something else.
Like I said, a strange week….

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  1. Good post. Change is certainly a tough topic to address in a church, but a church that is always willing to change (not just changing for the sake of change) is taking the right steps to being a healthy church.

    Although I haven’t tackled the subject of change directly, and you’ve got me thinking about it so there might be a blog in the near future on it, it’s an subject frequently in the undercurrent of what I blog about.

    Terry K. Moore

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Terry. I look forward to checking out your blog!

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