Family Saturday

Last Saturday Carolyn and I went to my brother Jason’s house. The whole family was there. We celebrated my mom’s birthday, ate some good grilled food, and got to see our new little nephew for the first time! It was great spending time with the family and playing with all the babies.

Two of my favorite quotes from the day came from two-year-old Kevin. He was building something with blocks, and when Carolyn asked him what he was building, he pointed to his work in progress and said, “That.”

Later she asked him something (I don’t remember what), and since he didn’t know the answer, he said, “Not me know.”

We watched a video with footage that showed Justin and Kevin when they first saw Baby Andrew. (Kevin calls him “Baby Antsoo.”) It was so precious! Their faces burst into expressions of sheer delight as they first laid eyes on him. They kept kissing him throughout the video. When Carolyn asked Justin why they kept kissing the baby, he said: “Cuz we’re kissin’ fools.”

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  1. That picture looks natural. Tell Carolyn Kristen needs a nibling.

  2. Actually, I had to Photo Shop the baby into the picture.


    We’re waiting for you guys to bring the baby into the family. You’ve been hitched for five years–what’re you waiting for?

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