Faith That Makes A Real Difference

Yesterday at CrossWay we talked about basic, trusting faith.  Trusting God is at the heart of our relationship with Him, yet it’s something so many of us struggle with constantly.

Something happened last Wednesday that really got me thinking about faith.  We have a preschool here at CrossWay, and on Wednesday afternoon I was playing games with some of the kids.  One game has everyone falling on the floor at the end.  So there I was, all sprawled out on the floor, and this little tiny three-year-old girl walks over and holds her hand out to me.  I took her hand, and with all the gusto she could manage, she started trying to pull me up!

Now that’s faith.

But you know what?  It worked!  Not because she was strong enough, but because I was.  I responded to her efforts by going along with it.  It seems like a lot of times we don’t try things because we don’t think it will work–we’re not strong enough.  We so easily forget that living the Christian life and serving Jesus is not about what we can do in our own strength–it’s what we can do in His strength.

The Scripture we studied is Mark 5:21-43, which has two intermingled stories about Jesus healing a woman who was bleeding and Jesus raising a dead girl to life.  It’s interesting the way these two stories are mixed together.  One woman had faith and sought Jesus,  apparently taking Him by surprise.  Another girl is raised from the dead even though her family doesn’t have faith, taking them by surprise.

The God who calls us to do seemingly impossible tasks for Him makes available to us the exact same power that raises the dead to life!  Let’s reach out to Jesus and take Him by the hand.

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  1. Awesome illustration. I think a lot of people confuse common sense with trusting God. Growing up I heard “God gave us common sense so that. . .” Man was that ever a lie.

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