Two Games Up!

Great Cowboys-Giants game yesterday! The only problem is that I can’t stand the arrogance and cockiness that some of the Dallas players showed. Slowly strutting into the end zone while looking behind you… drawing a stupid penalty with just a few seconds left in the half, allowing the opposition to score and tie the game and risk your team’s first-place position….

Note to coach Wade Phillips: BENCH ‘EM ALL! That kind of behavior has no place on a team that hasn’t won a Super Bowl in over 10 years.

On the brighter side, their defense looked greatly improved, with five sacks and two interceptions. It’ll be fun to watch Dallas thrash Washington this Sunday, and interesting to see what they do against Green Bay (the only other 8-1 NFC team) two weeks later! (What’s up with Brett Favre, anyway? How the heck do you lead a team to 8-1 when you’re old enough to have your kids playing in the NFL?) When the Packers come into Dallas, it’ll be the Cowboys’ third game in 11 days. We’ll see how they hold up.

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  1. The Cowboys are going down Thanksgiving day! Actually I’m kind of doubting that will really happen, but I can still hope!

  2. You mean that exhibition game against the Jets? Heheheh…..

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