Stop and Smell the… Well… At Least LOOK at the Trees!

Hey, I’m not trying to sound all deep or poetic or artsy or whatever, but we seriously gotta check out these trees around us.  I don’t know if they get more amazing every fall or I’m just getting better able to appreciate it, but the blazing colors of the trees in this area are totally stunning.

For some reason autumn color schemes usually have dark orange, dark yellow, and brown, but that’s not what the trees on the Shore are looking like.  The most impressive flower gardens I saw in England are not as rich and colorful and bright as the woods around here this time of year!

Several times while driving these past couple days I’ve been tempted to pull over and just stare.  I haven’t done that yet, but I have walked around outside the church and enjoyed the fiery red trees.  And I’m looking forward to walking around the Pines today with Carolyn to enjoy the scenery.

Forget that “stop and smell the roses” stuff–let’s stop and check out the colors in these trees!

Here’s one on our street.  It’s one of the most dazzling in the area every year, although my camera phone just couldn’t  even come remotely close to capturing it:

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  1. I’ve been really enjoying the trees, too. There’s one across the street from our house that must have been colored by a million Crayola fire-mango crayons or something. And whoever did it pressed down hard when they colored; you know, not skimping on the richness and everything.

    Sure wish this time of year lasted longer . . .

  2. Yeah, that would be nice. Of course, you can use crayons on trees any time of year.

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