The Nutcracker…or Not

Some people just don’t have an appreciation for classical music.

Yesterday Carolyn had “The Nutcracker” playing when the kids arrived for school.  They’re going to see the ballet in a couple weeks, so she’s introducing the music and the story to them so they’ll be familiar with it.

Anyway, one little guy came in, heard the music, covered his ears, and griped: “What’s that noise?!?”

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  1. Sounds like what my youth do when they hear their parents music. Or worse yet, when they heard southern gospel music.

  2. Ooh, when (and where) is she going?? Luke has this thing for Nutcrackers, and I’m sure he’ll love it! I always wanted him to see a production of this…

  3. Christi, I’m pretty sure it’s November 30th. I can’t remember where, but I think it’s one of the high schools in Salisbury. An outside troupe is coming in to perform. Carolyn could give you the details. That’d be great if Luke could go!

    Terry, I can certainly relate to the reaction of your youth! My parents still have their records of Johnny Mathis, Air Supply, Bread, and Barry Manilow. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick! I guess we all probably have some kind of music that makes us cringe.

  4. What’s wrong with Air Supply?! “Even the Nights are Better” and “Making Love out of Nothing At All” are on my to-download-on-MP3 Player List! What can I say, I’m a child of the 80’s.


  5. Hahaha…. Every once in a while I’ll bust out some Air Supply, and Carolyn has no idea what I’m singing.

    And hey, children of the ’80’s are perpetually cool!

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