Jesus & Lima Beans

I wonder if Jesus had a favorite food.  What if there was a food He didn’t like?  That’d be weird, since He invented it.  But I wonder if Mary had to make Him eat His lima beans in order to get ice cream after supper.  He might have sat there thinking, “I just knew creating this stuff would come back to haunt Me.”

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  1. I assume that anything that he didn’t like to eat was created for some purpose other than to be eaten but humans decided to eat them anyway. The old trick of something created good but used for evil (sin). Or it was created to taste good but at the fall went bad and is now subject to frustration, thereby subjecting everyone else to frustration too.

    I think avocado falls in the first category. Though I’m not sure what it was ever good for in the first place.

  2. Guacamole, my man!

    Very fascinating theory. I’m tempted to build a doctrine around it to suit my own personal preferences. Brilliant thinking there!

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