Sweet Deal

This is nuts.  My dad is buying me a new iPod!  He said he wants to support my ministry, so he’s hooking me up with a new iPod.  How awesome is that?!?!?

Thanks Dad!!!!

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  1. Nice! Do you know if you ur getting the ipod touch? Just curious, how long did ur previous ipod last till it died?

  2. I can’t remember which iPod it is, but I’ll let you know. The previous one lasted about a year and four months, BUT I didn’t get it brand new. It was refurbished and significantly discounted. A couple other things may also have contributed to its shortened life: I didn’t keep it in any kind of protective pouch/case (a mistake I won’t make again!) and I listened to it a LOT. As a preacher, I’m a student of other preachers, so it was not unusual for me to listen to three or four sermons a day. Sometimes I listened to a whole lot more than that. So I definitely got a lot of use out of it, but I’m expecting this new one to go much further.

    So what’s your experience with iPods? Have you had one die on you yet? Do you have the touch model?

  3. I had a Generation 2 iPod which had a warranty on it and later traded in for Gen. 5.5 video iPod. The first gen. iPod shuffle (size of a pack of gum) which we used for working out and it died after a year. We replaced it with the new iPod nano. A co-worker had the iPod touch, it’s worth it if you want to watch movies or video podcast on it, plus it can surf the net if you have wifi. Very similar to the iPhone minus the phone + built in speaker. I stopped using my regular iPod after I got the iPhone. I guess I’m addicted to apple’s product.

  4. That’s easy to do, since they seem to have the edge on that particular market!

    Having video could be cool, but I just don’t see myself sitting somewhere staring at this little tiny screen. But the new iPod will have video, so who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind.

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