Today will be a different kind of day.  At 7:00 I’m going to the mayor’s prayer breakfast in Ocean City.  (I don’t know whether or not this actually has anything to do with the mayor.  One year in Berlin we forgot to invite the mayor to the mayor’s prayer breakfast!  Someone called him a couple days before the event, and fortunately he was able to make it.  Anyway, I don’t know why these things are always called the “mayor’s prayer breakfast.”)

Right after that I’m doing the Bible story for the kids at the Training Station.   Strangely enough, we’re nearly three months into the school year and this is the first time I’ve done the Bible story.  I thought I’d do a puppet show to tell the Christmas story.  This might sound weird, but I’m actually nervous about it!  I’ve never done a puppet show before–this’ll be my first.  I’m using two puppets, a rooster (“Brewster”) and a cow (“Calvin”).  It’s about eight minutes long, which hopefully won’t be too long.  I’ve run through it once (when no one was around, of course!) and my arms got really, really tired.  Not sure what to do about that.  The puppet theater is all set up and ready to go at the church, complete with staging scenery including barns and barnyard animals.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

About three hours later I’m doing the Bible story again for another group of kids, then meeting with my mentor.  Our conference assigned a mentor to me as part of the whole Baptist-to-Mennonite dealio.  He’s a really neat guy from Baltimore, and I always enjoy our time together.

In the middle of all that I’ll be decorating and preparing for our very first Christmas KidsFest tomorrow!  We set the registration cutoff at 20 kids, but I think we’ll have closer to 30.  That’s just how it goes, but that’s okay because people in the church are really stepping up to make this thing work!

Oh yeah, and there’s always stuff to be done to prepare for the worship service.  Busy day ahead, but lots of good stuff!

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