Church Ministry Lessons from the World of Secular Education

Carolyn was gone for a couple days this week at a conference near Baltimore for kindergarten teachers.  When she got back I was looking through some of the materials she picked up while she was there.  There was one page that really jumped out at me.  It was about how children learn, but it read like a manual for discipleship!  Check this out, and as you read through it, imagine it’s talking about people in general instead of only children, and referring to church, ministry, and discipleship instead of the school classroom.  It almost reads like a page out of a seminary textbook on church ministry and discipleship.  It offers a lot of insight!  The following is written by Dr. Jean Feldman:

  • Children learn through play.  That’s why we offer learning centers.
  • Children learn by doing.  That’s why we sing and move.
  • Children learn through their senses.  That’s why we provide multi-sensory activities.
  • Children learn through language.  That’s why they need to talk.
  • Children learn on their own level.  That’s why we create open-ended activities.
  • Children learn through encouragement.  That’s why we cheer and celebrate with them.
  • Children learn through imitation.  That’s why we model what we want them to do.
  • Children learn through repetition.  That’s why we have games they’ll want to play again and again.
  • Children learn by experimenting.  That’s why it’s O.K. to make mistakes.
  • Children learn by interacting with their friends.  That’s why we encourage partner and small group activities.
  • Children learn in a safe, nurturing environment.  That’s why we strive to create a happy classroom community.
  • Children learn through wholeness.  Heart-mind-body are dynamically interrelated in that wonderful child!  Every experience in the classroom is connected in the brain to construct knowledge.
  • Teachers who love teaching create children who love learning!

And people who love Jesus create more people who love Jesus!

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