Lousy Day in Dallas

Wow, total meltdown in Dallas.  You can read about it here.

In a game that didn’t have any highlights for the Cowboys, there are two good things to be salvaged from their 10-6 loss to Philadelphia: First, the Eagles exposed some major weaknesses and limitations on the Cowboys, but they’re problems that can be fixed–and now they will be, just in time for the postseason.  Second, this game really didn’t carry any significance in the standings, though there’s a slight chance it could affect the playoffs situation depending on how Dallas and Green Bay finish out their seasons.

All in all, a good game to learn from and then forget!

(Okay Christi, go ahead and insert your comments below!)

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  1. Ok, I’ll bite…

    Actually, this game wasn’t exactly a stellar performance by Philadelphia either (ok, their whole SEASON has been less than stellar). I’m shocked they even still have a chance at the wild card! But they were out to avenge their previous loss at the hands of the Cowboys, and I guess they did accomplish that…

    One thing I thought was impressive was Brian Westbrook’s decision to stop one yard short of the touchdown in the last few minutes of the game. He assured the win, but I thought the alternative (scoring an extra 7 points and forcing the Cowboys to score two touchdowns with just over two minutes left in the game) would have been just as effective–and would have padded his stats a bit more at the same time. Westbrook showed class and put team first. Bravo, Brian!

    I look forward to seeing how the remainder of the season plays out, it should be interesting….

  2. Yep, interesting indeed.

    I’ve never seen anyone do what Westbrook did. I can’t believe someone could be so level-headed (not to mention selfless) with eleven giant men chasing him. Very impressive.

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