Carolyn and I have officially gone Netflix.

In case you’re not familiar with Netflix, it’s an online movie rental company. They have different monthly plans and you can order DVDs by mail. They come pretty quickly, and a postage paid envelope is included to send them back. You keep a queue full of your movie choices in your online cart, and as soon as you send a movie back, they send the next one on your queue. One of the coolest features is that you can also watch a lot of their stuff online.

The local video store here has decent prices and a decent selection, but the price and selection at Netflix are pretty hard to beat. We chose the plan that’s 14 bucks a month. We can have two DVDs at a time with no monthly limit. We also have unlimited access to watching movies and shows on their website. Pretty good deal.

Last night we watched our first Netflix flick. It was a 48-minute video about London. Definitely not something you’d find on the shelf at a typical video store. Tomorrow we should be getting an old Bill Murray movie that we could never find in stock at Blockbuster. I’ve already watched three episodes online from the first season of “Amazing Stories,” one of my favorite TV shows from the ’80s.

Coming up soon on our queue we have some Carolyn selections, like Cinderella with Julie Andrews, the first season of “Punky Brewster,” and some obscure version of Pride and Prejudice (Carolyn’s got three versions, but Netflix has those three plus another three we’d never even heard of. Sigh. I guess having such a huge selection does have its drawbacks.) Then there’s an old Marilyn Monroe classic, an instructional video on breakdancing (that’d be my pick–gotta keep the skills sharp), Gandhi, and the first season of “Sledgehammer.” Oh, and another instructional video on painting with acrylics. See, when I say it’s a good selection, I’m talking about a good selection!

You can check out Netflix by clicking here.

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  1. Alright. I’m convinced. As soon as my budget permits, I’m going Netflix. Our only option in town is a small Blockbuster. So small, in fact, they don’t even have Bull Durham. BULL DURHAM!! Sounds like Netflix has the variety that would make it worthwhile.

    If you haven’t already done so, check out the Amazing Stories episode with the kid at the Alamo. Good stuff.

  2. Pride and Prejudice is the best story ever. So what’s the down side? Oh you mean because I have to watch break dancing and a bunch of ’80s flicks.

  3. You can see what happens when a guy’s wife gets on his computer and reads his blog.

    Dylan, I watched the Alamo episode and it sent me on a Wikipedia frenzy. Fascinating history.

  4. Netflix….is AWESOME, been using it for a few months now….glad to see you are “one of us” now. Haha.

  5. Ha. I’ve been a Netflix convert for a number of years now. Their queue is a really great thing, along with the recommendations they offer. Hope you dig it. That and my wife loves the Pride and Prejudice adaptations.

    (And, to note I share your name as well. 😉 )


  6. Wow Nathan, that was weird. The name thing threw me off for a second. Funny that we both have wives who are into the different Pride & Prejudice movies! One of them arrived today, so you can imagine what I’ll be watching tonight.

    Hey Jenna, I didn’t know you were a Netflixer. I’m discovering that we’re great in number, but mostly underground. We could take over if only we had a secret handshake or something.

  7. The newest Pride and Predudice movie is by far the best, although the A&E version is pretty good too. Don’t you think so, Nathan?

  8. Which Nathan are you asking?

  9. I love netflix and all the TV shows available for rent. I can’t get the online viewing to work 😦 I agree with Carolyn the new Pride and Prejudice is the best one.

  10. Yeah, I agree with you both about “Pride & Prejudice.” We recently watched a really old one (1940, I think) and they messed a lot with the story. Lady Catherine even turned nice at the end! At the end of the movie they had a navy recruiting video, and this was just before WWII. It was weird. They showed navy people living it up in Hawaii…kind of eerie.

    As for the online viewing, I can only get it to work using Internet Explorer. Is that what you’re using?

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