Cowboys, Nachos, and the Way of the Cross

Haven’t blogged in a while.  Lots going on.  A brief recap:

  • On Thursday I spent a day and a night with some other local pastors.  We hung out at a condo on the beach in Ocean City.  We spent time sharing about our current challenges and offering feedback.  Most of the afternoon was used planning a series that we’re all doing together in June.  I’ll keep you posted on that as the details emerge.  It was so great getting to hang out and talk with guys who are going through a lot of the same stuff as I am.  We’re even really close in age, except for old man Daryl: Pastor Daryl from SonRise is 40, Pastor Bryan from the Worship Center is 34, Pastor John from the Gathering Tree is 33, and I’m 32.  Not exactly the typical age range of most pastors meetings!
  • During our Thursday getaway, it oddly worked out just right that all four of us had somewhere to be at 7:00 p.m., so we all headed out to various places before reassembling later that night.  I headed to my in-laws house in Whaleyville where we held the first community group meeting at CrossWay!  We had seven people and a great time.  Good Bible discussion, good sharing, good prayer, good coffee.
  • On Friday night we went to dinner at Station 7 in Pittsville with Josh & Christi Engle.  They wanted to treat us to dinner, but they ended up treating us to dinner that night as well as lunch and dinner the next day, because Station 7’s portions are HUGE.  Carolyn and I both got the Firehouse Nachos, which are some of the best nachos I’ve ever had anywhere.  Jalapenos in every bite!  It was great getting to spend time together, and it was a lot of fun.
  • Saturday was massively relaxing.  Carolyn and I didn’t even leave the house except to take a stroll up the street to the mailbox.  So refreshing!
  • At CrossWay yesterday we talked about the way of life in the Promised Land.  The Promised Land lifestyle is the way of the cross.  Jesus clearly taught in Luke 9:18-27 that being a Christian does not mean luxury, comfort, and ease.  It means sacrifice, service, and commitment.  The cross is not a dead end–it’s the doorway into the Promised Land.  Real life can only come through death.  Without the cross, there is no resurrection.
  • The Dallas Cowboys had one of their greatest seasons ever, only to blow it in their first playoff game.  I’m still stunned.  They really faltered in their last month–if I’m figuring it right, they lost three of their last four games.  Major bummer.  I’d thought that with their first-round bye they’d have time to rest up and heal up, and come out with guns blazing.  I can’t believe how they just fizzled out.  Nevertheless, they had a remarkable season.  I’m proudly wearing my Tony Romo jersey today as a tribute to an exciting year.  (Several of the Training Station parents offered me their sympathy this morning.)  Go Packers!  I hope they crush the Giants by 50 points.
  • Last night Carolyn and I took Pastor John’s three kids to Chuck E. Cheese.  It was so much fun!  It’s amazing how funny and well-behaved those children are.  As always, we totally had a blast hanging out with them.  One of the many funny moments of the evening came when little three-year-old Ben turned to me and asked, “Where’s your wife?”  And for sheer entertainment value, nothing beats his air guitar.  John told me later that one Sunday during the worship service, Ben went up front and joined the praise band as their air guitarist!
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  1. Hey, if the kid is this good at air guitar when he’s three, imagine his skills by the time he’s our age! I sure hope he stays with it; it’d be a shame to let natural talent go to waste.

  2. Air guitar. . .*laughs*. . .that’s awesome!

  3. Good point guys. Maybe for his fourth birthday I’ll get him a CD with some ’80s classics that he can rock out to.

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