Backyard Big Bird

This morning I walked into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and glanced out the back door to see what the weather was like. Something looked out of place. Here’s the view I had:

A closer shot:

Not sure what kind of bird this guy is. A hawk, maybe? Here are some closeups of his face/beak and talon:

He hung around for awhile, following the rays of the sun. He even remained perched on the clothesline while we opened the door to take some pictures!

Another wild friend here in the Pines….

Whoa!  As I was typing this, I heard Carolyn yelp in the kitchen.  She had the door opened just wide enough to stick the camera out for a picture, and the hawk jumped down from the clothesline and flew at her!  She pulled inside and shut the door just in time to avoid becoming a Carolyn McNugget.  Now it’s pecking at the glass door.  Here’s a shot:

Um, maybe we should call animal control….

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  1. Nathan – I don’t know where to begin. First of all, reading that last line while looking at the picture above it really made me laugh! That’s pretty weird bird behavior, so you may actually want to make that call.

    This is an incredible thing to witness. And the camera you use is awesome! I wish we had you and your camera at Lilypons when I was working there and we had a huge variety of wetland birds coming and going.

    Finally, I’m also glad Carolyn did not become a “Carolyn McNugget.”

    If you see any Backyard Snuffaluffaggii . . .

  2. Thanks bro. I’ll be sure to take some shots if I see any of them. Excellent job busting out a 1970s pun. Very nicely done, my man.


    Actually, that last paragraph isn’t quite that funny! :-/ Not quite sure what I would’ve done, had I been Carolyn…

    Are you sure that’s a hawk? Not a juvenile bald eagle that’s lost his way? Whatever… I would’ve freaked. Not sure if you saw my post on seagulls…

  4. I like how Carolyn had the presence of mind to snap the shot as a huge, maniac bird came to attack her! I guess it staked out your deck as its own. BTW, for what it’s worth, after some google-imaging, my boys have concluded that they think it’s a hawk. 🙂

    Has it been back??

  5. Darren–oh yeah, I forgot about the seagull post! Shouldn’t this thing have been following you?

    Christi–please thank the boys for doing the research! Nope, it hasn’t been back. It might be nearby in the woods, but we haven’t seen it.

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