Prayer: Power Surge in the Promised Land

We wrapped up the series “The Promised Land” yesterday at CrossWay.  We took a look at a story Jesus told His followers in Luke 18:1-8, a story He told them to teach them that “they should always pray and not give up.”  Prayer is the power source in the Promised Land.

This story talks about a woman who had to rely on a corrupt judge to give her justice.  He was a real jerk and refused to help her–after all, she was a poor widow and had no bribe to offer.  So he sent her away day after day.  Finally he realized that she wasn’t going to give up, so he meted out justice in her case simply to get her off his back.

Jesus’ point was this: If persistence is this effective against an apathetic, arrogant brute, what effect will it have when we persist in prayer with a God who is our Father and loves us?

It’s easy to give up on praying, whether it’s dealing with a specific prayer request or giving up on prayer altogether.  But Jesus encourages us to persevere, to not give up, to keep going at it, to trust in a God who hears us and loves us and does nothing but good on our behalf.

As we move from “The Promised Land” into the “Hollywood God” series, we’re reminded of our dependence on prayer.  Our reliance on God is urgent, important, and total.  Only He can use this church and this series to achieve its goal of connecting people with Christ and helping them to become His lifelong followers.  Regardless of how hard we try, only God can actually make this happen.  And how does He do it?  In response to persistent, passionate prayer! 


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