Obama Landslide

Whoa.  I can’t believe how badly Barack Obama crushed Hillary Clinton in the voting booth yesterday!

Yesterday morning I listened to Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” and they were talking about how unlikely it was that Obama would take the lead in delegates yesterday.  One guy said that he would have to take 70% in D.C. and 60% in Maryland and Virginia.  Last I saw, he won 76% in D.C., 62% in Maryland, and 64% in Virginia!  Dag!  I don’t think anyone expected to see this kind of momentum.

Obama has now edged past Clinton in the projected delegate count.  This is getting interesting!  I wonder what will happen with Ohio and Texas on March 4….

I just saw that Michelle Obama gave a speech at a local university yesterday.  Interesting.  We don’t see that much national political action here on the Shore.

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  1. I took Jaz with me to vote. I vote at her school and she got a big kick out of that.

    Kind of funny – I was looking at articles from this past summer, and this know-all pundit-type dude put his money on Giulliani and Fred Thompson as the eventual frontrunners for the Republican nomination. Hmmm . . .

  2. Guiliani?!? Wow….

    That’s pretty bad, but of course–how’d they end up with McCain? Is that the best they can do? Not to knock the guy, but really….

    So did Jazlyn sneak in and vote?

  3. I let her vote for Board of Ed. I figured, you know, it’s all about her anyway, right?

    She thought it was pretty cool that the ballot had candidates named “Duck” and “Fish.”

    Then again, maybe these candidates altered their names to target parents like me that let their kids vote.

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