Marriage: Back to Basics

Yesterday at CrossWay Church we talked about marriage.  We looked at 1 Peter 2:20-3:7.  Sometimes 1 Peter 3:1-7 is preached by itself and taken way out of context.  To understand it correctly, it’s necessary to back up at least as far as verse 20 in the previous chapter.  (Chapter and verse markings in the Bible were not in the original text.  They were added centuries later merely as reference points.)

The bottom line is simply this: To have a healthy and satisfying marriage, we must love our husbands and wives as Jesus Christ loves us.  That’s the main point of this passage of Scripture.  It’s too easy for us to take our spouses for granted and not even notice them or consider them anymore.  Sometimes we’re even nicer and more attentive to strangers than to our own husband or wife!  This passage in 1 Peter challenges us to reverse that mindset and get back to the basics of loving our spouses selflessly and sacrificially.

Ironically, I was preaching about marriage to a couple who had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary the day before.  I tried to talk him into preaching the message, but understandably, his focus this weekend was on enjoying family.  Carolyn and I have not even been married a month for every year that Norm & Sara have been married!  Add to the mix the awkward fact that I was also preaching about marriage to my wife’s parents, and you can see why it was a great help and relief to know that I was preaching God’s Word and not my own ideas!  That’s the beauty of preaching Scripture, when you do it true to the text.

I know I’ve fallen behind on uploading the weekly podcasts, but I should be caught up this week.  (I have to say it doesn’t help that GoDaddy, our podcast host, has technical problems every single week when I try to upload the podcast!)

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