Eavesdropping At Preschool

This morning one of the little guys at the Training Station came in frowning. The following conversation ensued:

Me: “Oh no, did you leave your smile at home?”

Little Guy: “What?”

Me: “Your smile is missing. Did you forget to bring it?”

Little Guy: “No, I turned it invisible.”

Me: “You turned it invisible?”

Little Guy: “Yeah.” (Points to forehead.) “It’s hiding right here between my eyebrows.”

In other conversations overheard around the Training Station this morning:

Little Girl: “It’s hot out here.”

Mrs. Pat: “Yes it is, but this morning it was so cold I had to scrape my car window to get off the frost.”

Little Girl: “This morning my mom had to scrape her car window to get off the bird poop.”

One more:

Mrs. Grace: “I need you to stop running around in the classroom!”

Little Dude: “I need to get the bean out of my nose!”

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