An Old Classic Revived

Carolyn gave her kindergarten students an assignment earlier this week: draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up.  One little guy decided he wanted to be a rock star, as you can see below.  On the right is one of his friends, playing drums.  In the middle is another friend playing the flute.  The big figure on the left is this boy himself, singing and playing guitar.

This one deserves a closeup.  The picture below is the same drawing, zoomed in.  The blue stuff is a speech bubble.  Inside are the words that this little boy is rockin’ out to–the old classic rock song “Slow Ride” by Foghat.  The boy demonstrated for Carolyn by singing what you can read below in little kid spelling: “Slow ride/ mmm mmm (that’s the guitar part)/ take it easy”:

It’s moments like this that make her job worth it!

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  1. This little man is too cool…born to be a rock star…well maybe.

    So something that just occurred to me, the title to your blog “Surfing the Inner N8″…I always read it as you are surfing the Inner Nate…like about Nate you know, the inner coils of Nate’s Brain. Anyhow…(i’m such a nerd for even mentioning this, but I have to know now that it’s crossed my mind) it just occurred to me that maybe its a play on the words inner net. So which one is it, or is it both? I must know! lol.

    Well, hopefully my horrible punctuation and sentence structure hasn’t driven you as crazy as this small issue I need to have resolved so I can sleep at night. Take Care

  2. Jenna, the idea is that it’s both. A play on words type of thing. Thanks for noticing after a year and a half.

    Hopefully now you can sleep more peacefully!

  3. So cute!!

  4. Hey, at least I noticed. You know I tend to spend my time here reading the content of you posts (as I am a frequent visitor) and not the title. But now that this whole matter has been cleared up, I’d like to give you props for your creative genius…and now I’ll be able to sleep.

  5. Sweet dreams, my friend!

    And thanks for taking off the pressure to come up with catchy titles–it helps to know they’re ignored.

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