Sports Day

At Carolyn’s school, yesterday was Sports Day (or what was known to us old people as Field Day).  I went with Carolyn to school for the day to try to help out.  I wish I could do that every week–it’s always so much fun, and it’s so refreshing to be around little kids who are still excited about everything in life.

The day started with all the outside events.  It was a perfect day for it–sunny and warm, but with a cool breeze.  In Crisfield, that breeze is essential to keep away all the mosquitoes and biting gnats.

Apparently kindergarten students are not too highly skilled at the balloon toss.  All but two pairs of the kids were out after the first toss.  Carolyn and her assistant did the toss to show the kids how to do it, and they won on the second throw.

Other events included Tug of War, Mr. Wolf (a game Carolyn likes because she gets to spray her students with water), the parachute, and some relays.

The rest of the day was spent playing games in the gym, getting their faces painted, coloring, watching a movie while eating popcorn and drinking Capri Sun, playing outside (I tried to teach them kickball, but they just weren’t getting it), and celebrating one little girl’s birthday.

It was a great day!  The kids only have nine more days left.  Hard to believe it’s almost over.

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