Put Me In, Coach!

We kicked off the new series “Play Ball!” yesterday at CrossWay.  This is a triplecord series that we’re doing together with the Gathering Tree, SonRise, and the Ocean City Worship Center.

The first part in this four-week series, which we did yesterday, is “Put Me In, Coach.”  We looked at how a typical baseball game has some people in the bleachers, other people on the bench, and still others in the ballgame.  The church is very similar: There are some who just come and sit and watch.  They might cheer on the team but they have no role in helping the team succeed.  There are others who wear the uniform and work out with the team and come to every game, but never jump into the action.  And then there are those who have responded to God’s call to be in the starting lineup on His team.  God’s desire is for everyone to be in His starting lineup!  Those who are in the ballgame are active in helping God’s team to win, to achieve our mission.  Our mission?  To make lifelong followers of Jesus Christ throughout our community and around the world!

Just as a baseball team needs different people doing their part in different positions, so it is with the church.  Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12, and Romans 12 teach a lot about this truth.

At CrossWay, we encourage people to get in the ballgame by making five commitments which will help us achieve the win.  They’re all summed up in our motto: Loving God, Loving People.  Here are the five commitments:

(1) We will love God by worshiping Him with His family.

(2) We will love God by developing intimacy with Him through daily spiritual habits.

(3) We will love people by serving them.

(4) We will love people by building friendships with them.

(5) We will love God and love people by inviting others to participate in the first four commitments.

If everyone at CrossWay were to seriously make these commitments, God would take this underdog team and gain an astonishing victory!

So what do you say?  Put me in, coach!

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