CrossWay Church Sermon Podcast Scores Mennonite Mention

Last night I was reading the latest issue of The Mennonite, which is the national publication for our denomination. The table of contents mentioned an article called “Sermons Heard ‘Round the World.” When I turned to the article, I saw that it was about Mennonite churches that are podcasting. I was surprised to see us mentioned in the article! That was pretty cool.

You can read the article here or listen to it at this site.  But just so ya know, CrossWay only shows up in a sidebar in the actual magazine, and is not mentioned in the online article.  Oh well.  It’s still an interesting piece about podcasting Mennonites, especially since so many people don’t think we even use phones.

Oh yeah, that reminds me–I need to update the podcast.

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  1. Hey, a side bar is a side bar, a least you guys were in there! I mean you read it and Nathan – you are not that entirely special that you are the only ding dong reading side bars! I mean – a nationnal magazine! Eh?



  2. Thanks Judy!

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