Joltin’ Joe the Magic Time Traveller

On eBay I found someone selling an autographed postcard with a picture of Joe DiMaggio on it.  In the item description it says: “Signature appears to be newer than postcard.”

I would hope so.  But if Joltin’ Joe somehow managed to sign a postcard before it was made, that’s a pretty cool trick.

Can you say, “suspected forgery”?

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  1. Hey nathan, good to see you blogging again…missed it lately.

    However, I thought I actually caught a spelling error in your writings :gasp: but after further investigation, you were right. I was right too though. Traveler and Traveller are both correct spellings, but in my opinion the extra “l” looks a bit off. I was so close haha. Well, now that I’ve wasted minutes of my life trying to make a point not even worth of making, hope ya have a good one, day that is.

  2. Hey Jenna, I think you’re right that it looks better without the extra “l.” I thought about changing it but decided just to leave it. Isn’t it weird how a word can have two correct spellings? It’s like the people at the Federal Bureau of How to Spell Words Right couldn’t agree and had a tie vote. Weird.

    But thanks for trying to catch me. Heheheh…

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