A couple weeks ago at CrossWay we had our conference minister, Merv Stoltzfus, as our guest preacher.  Last week one of our elders, LJ Timmons, shared the sermon.  As soon as I can I’ll get those messages up on the podcast site.

This past Sunday we kicked off a four-week series called “Freedom.”  It’s about the freedom that Jesus Christ gives us from so many things, even those that have trapped us for years and continue to bind us.

In fact, freedom was one of the most important themes of Jesus’ ministry.  Early on, in His first sermon in His hometown, He read a passage from Isaiah 61, sat down, and told eveyone in church that the Bible passage He’d just read was about Him.  What a shock that must have been!  The Scripture text He read said that God had chosen Him and sent Him out to bring freedom.  Freedom!  You can read about it in Luke 4:16-21

The word Jesus used twice for “freedom” literally means to be forgiven.  When He talked about giving us freedom, He wasn’t spouting empty words.  He would give us freedom at great cost to Himself–His own life.  Because of what He did for us on the cross, we can be free–free from everything that has held us in chains!  Whether it’s fear, addiction, anxiety, loneliness, or whatever… we can find freedom in Christ. 

We then looked at John 8:31-36 where Jesus teaches how we find this freedom.  But I’m not going to repreach the whole sermon here.  You’ll just have to check out the podcast!  It should be up in a day or two.

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