Um… I Don’t Think So

The other day one of Carolyn’s little kindergarten girls put her hand on Carolyn’s stomach and said, “I feel the baby’s head!”

Right now the entire baby is about the size of a bean, so, um… I’m not so sure about that.

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  1. that’s so cute! I want to rub the belly too šŸ™‚ When does Carolyn go for an u/s?

  2. A “u/s”? Is that ultrasound? I’m still new at this baby thing and don’t have all the lingo down. Carolyn was finally able to get a doctor, but couldn’t get an appointment until December 4th. So I guess we won’t know anything until then. It’ll be a long 7 weeks!

  3. Ooh, it will be so awesome to hear that heartbeat. I am loving seeing you guys (at least) weekly as you go through this journey!! We rejoice with you both!!

  4. Thanks Christi! We are super excited, and we’re very blessed to have friends like you to celebrate with!

  5. i hadn’t heard! congrats to you both.boy is your life on the major brink of CHANGE. hold on. i’m real happy for you’ll p.s enjoyed reading your editorial in the manna.helps put things in proper perspective

  6. Thanks Cindy!

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