Living Stones

We had some last-minute changes in our worship service yesterday at CrossWay.  Fortunately God has placed some gifted people in our congregation to stand in when needed.  Our worship leader, Josh, had to be out of town for a funeral.  I was unable to preach due to sickness.  But the music in the worship service was led by Diana, and Norm preached a message from 1 Peter 2:4-10.  A big thanks to both of them for their ministry!

From the sermon:

  • We are living stones–together.
  • In a structure, even one broken brick needs to be replaced.
  • One brick by itself doesn’t serve much purpose.
  • There are different kinds of stones, each which serves a different purpose in building.
  • We cannot fulfill our destiny apart from the church.
  • Two traits of a priest: He has access to God & he brings others to God.  Jesus is our High Priest, and He has made His people a “royal priesthood”!
  • As priests, we are to be bridge builders to bring others to Christ.
  • As priests, we are to bring offerings to God.
  • “All of our work is to be an offering to God.”
  • Our worship is an offering to God: not a burden, but a joy.
  • The Christian himself is an offering to God.
  • “We have been chosen that we might be different from other people.”
  • We are a people dedicated to God.
  • Christians are a people for God to possess.
  • Am I possessed by God?
  • We have value because we belong to God.
  • We are called from insignificance to significance.
  • God has chosen us to do His work in the world.
  • “You are no longer an ordinary person because you are a person of God.”
  • “There is that awesomeness of God” that invokes “holy fear.”
  • “In Christ we are offered a new and intimate relationship with God.  God becomes a friend.”
  • Challenge: Give yourself to God in Christ and trust Him as your Provider.
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