Catalyst: Andy Stanley (part 1)

The first session of Catalyst, the conference I went to near Atlanta a couple weeks ago, featured Andy Stanley as the speaker.  Some highlights:

  • As pastors and other Christian leaders, we’re called to influence people we don’t have official authority over.  In other words: “We can’t make them do anything.”
  • In order to motivate people into action, one essential is moral authority.
  • Moral authority comes from alignment between our creed and our deed.  That is, we do what we say.  We do what we’re asking others to do.
  • Moral authority goes beyond positional authority.
  • People expect this alignment from us–and they should.
  • When we compromise our moral authority, we lose our ability to influence people.
  • Our public & private lives must be consistent with each other.
  • Without moral authority, all the leadership practices in the world lose their effectiveness.
  • Three key areas where moral authority is applied in church leadership: (1) Forgiveness; (2) Family; (3) Finances.
  • Forgiveness is our message!  We must not harbor bitterness.
  • We must never carry with us into the future the hurts of the past.
  • There’s no excuse for bitter, vengeful church leaders.
  • We’ve been forgiven, so we must lead the way when it comes to forgiving.
  • I must never let my family feel like the church is my mistress.  If I do, I lose my moral authority.
  • Family must be prioritized over ministry, work, sermon prep, etc.
  • Never misprioritize when it comes to family!  Don’t sacrifice what is permanent for what is temporary.
  • Every dollar I receive in my paycheck came from someone who chose to give it to our organization.
  • If I want to lead generous people, then I must be generous.
  • Moral authority gives people confidence in our leadership.
  • Moral authority shows that we really, truly believe in where we’re trying to lead people.
  • Moral authority must be gained, maintained, and retained!
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