My Most Important Appointment

Sunday evening I got a phone call from my little friend Mandi.  She’s a six-year-old first-grader at Seaside Christian School.  At first I wasn’t sure why she was calling, so I asked her a few questions and we just kind of chatted for a couple minutes.  Then, during a pause, she said, “Pastor Nathan, will you be my pastor at my school for Pastor Appreciation Day?”  (Seaside has a day once a year when kids invite their pastors to school and they have lunch and visit the classrooms.)

You can imagine my response.  I cancelled my appointments with pope and president to make sure I’d be there.  After we finished talking and she said, “Bye!” we both started to hang up, but not before I heard her announcing to her parents very matter-of-factly: “He said okay.”

I was just thinking that her dad, my good friend Daryl, had put her up to it.  But before I could even finish thinking that, Daryl called back and said, “Dude, I did not put her up to that!”  The day before, she’d mentioned wanting to call me, and on Sunday, she insisted on having her dad’s phone to call me.  Isn’t that precious?!?

Tell ya what, I don’t care what else happens between now and the end of February–that totally made my month!

See you Friday, Mandi!

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