What Happens When Four-Year-Olds Go to Assateague Island

This morning the Pre-K class from the Training Station went on a field trip to Assateague.  When they got back I was talking with some of the kids about what they saw there.  (One little boy’s shirt was soaking wet.  When I asked him why his shirt was so wet, he grinned and said proudly, “I touched a fish!”  I decided not to pursue that one.)  When I asked if they saw any ponies, one of the girls said, “No, but we saw that kind of horse that swims in the water.  What’s it called?”

Since they have wild ponies at Assateague that like to swim in the ocean waves, I asked her, “A wild horse?”

She said, “No.”

“A swimming horse?”


“A shark horse?”


“A whale horse?”


“A turtle horse?”


“A fish horse?”


“A dolphin horse?”

“No!” she said.  “None of those kinds of horse is real.  It was one of those little baby kinds.”

“An ocean horse?”

Apparently that jogged her memory.  “No!” she exclaimed.  “A seahorse!!!”

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