Celebrate & Serve: Core Values

Since I haven’t blogged about the Celebrate & Serve series, I’m playing catchup here.

The second week of the series at CrossWay we talked about our church’s core values.  Since we’re God’s people, what is most important to God is what should be most important to us.  So we looked to the Bible and found some good summary statements in Matthew 22:37-40 & Matthew 28:18-20.  Based on those passages (as well as a ton of others), we’ve come up with five core values that are the basis of everything we do as a church:

Community: We love people by building friendships with them.  This is done primarily in our community groups, which are groups of about 4-12 people that meet in homes during the week for prayer, Bible study, and discussion.  The aim of these groups is to deepen relationships through sharing life together.

Reverence: We love God by worshiping Him with His family.  We take our weekend worship services pretty seriously.  We encourage everyone to make it a very high priority to be there on Sundays so we can worship God together.

Outreach: We love people by inviting them to encounter Jesus personally.  We have various outreach events in which we focus on this, but we also encourage people to make it a part of their personal, daily lifestyle.

Service: We love people by helping them.  We use our God-given gifts to serve them.  This happens in various ways on Sundays mornings, in community groups, at outreach events, and in countless ways throughout the week as we look for opportunities to help others.

Spiritual Growth: We love God  by developing intimacy with Him through healthy spiritual habits.  These daily habits include Bible reading and study, prayer, meditation (not that kind of meditation–this simply means quiet reflection on God’s Word), and other spiritual practices.  These “grace practices,” as I’ve heard them called, help to form the character of Christ in us and prepare us for community, reverence, outreach, and service.

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