Celebrate & Serve: Goals & Strategy

This past Sunday was the third part of the Celebrate & Serve series at CrossWay.  We talked about our goals and our strategies for achieving them.

Yesterday I wrote about our five core values: Community, Reverence, Outreach, Service, and Spiritual Growth.  For each one of these values, we have a goal for 2010–and only one, so that we can stay focused.  These goals are not huge, but they will require that God stretch us.  Since it’s useless to have goals without a plan to accomplish them, we’ve developed a strategy for reaching each goal.  Here they are:

Community: Our goal is to have 75% of our regular Sunday attenders become participants in a community group.  We will do this by encouraging people throughout the year to plug into a group, encouraging group members to constantly invite others, starting new groups, and training new leaders.  75% is about three times the national average.

Reverence: Our goal is to average 75 people in attendance on Sunday mornings.  Right now we average about 50.  Again, this is not a huge goal, but it’s a very significant increase.  Does this mean we’re all about numbers?  Of course not.  But remember, our vision is to be a place where anyone can understand and respond to the Bible, and the more people we have with us on Sunday mornings, the more people are presented with an opportunity to understand and respond to the Bible.  We will work toward this goal by starting a second service (it launches the week after Easter), encouraging and equipping people to invite others, reaching out to our community, and consistently improving the quality of our worship services.  If we reach 75, that would be a 50% increase.

Outreach: This goal is our easiest one for this year.  We aim to personally invite 2,000 people to attend the worship service at CrossWay Church (starting next year, our Outreach goals will be measured differently… more about this later on).  We will do this by creating and distributing 2,000 invite cards for five key series throughout the year, and giving them to our members and attenders to use as a tool to personally invite others.  We will also do outreach events such as Summer Bible Camp, an Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas KidsFest, and others.  (Got ideas?  Please leave a comment or email me!)

Service: Our goal is to have 50% of our regular attenders use their God-given gifts to serve others.  We will do this through classes, such as our upcoming membership class, as well as providing ample opportunities for everyone to discover and use their gifts.  Everyone will be encouraged to serve in some capacity on Sunday mornings, in community groups, and at outreach events.  We will also work with people to discover if there is a new, unique ministry that God is calling them to.  50% may not seem that high for something that seems so simple, but it’s more than double the national average.

Spiritual Growth: Our goal is to have 50% of our people reading their Bible and praying at least five days a week.  We will do this by teaching about spiritual habits and giving people the tools they need to put them into practice.  For example, we offer a daily reading guide in our worship bulletin each week, and we make free Bibles available.  If half the people devote this much time to soaking in God’s Word and praying, our church and community will never be the same.

Each month I’m going to compile a progress report to assess where we are with these goals, and we will dedicate several sermons throughout the year to evaluating where we are and recasting the vision.

This Sunday we’re wrapping up the Celebrate & Serve series, but we’ll just be getting started with living it out!

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  1. Nathan-I am so excited at what God is doing at CrossWay! And I’m glad to be a part of it. Thank you for your part (and your leadership) in His work in our church and community. God bless you and Carolyn!!

  2. Thanks Christi!

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