Laura Marie Takes Canada: August 20, 2013

August 20:

* As we drove from Toronto to Quebec, Laura Marie was in the back seat singing away.  When Carolyn and I turned around to look at her, she said, “You know, guys, I need my privacy singing.”

* Laura Marie and I have a running joke where she talks about Muenster cheese and I pretend to be scared, as though she’s talking about monster cheese.  Apparently she wasn’t in the mood for that today.  Refusing to play along, she said to me, “You make up that, and I don’t make up it.”

* At lunch, Laura Marie had a kids’ coloring page with a word search on it.  Carolyn and I, not thinking that she would have any interest in it, kept finding words.  Finally Laura Marie had had enough, and she said, “Stop finding words!  I’m jealous ‘cause I can’t read!”

* When Carolyn ate her salad quickly, I said, “Mommy’s tearing up that salad!”  She saw there wasn’t much of my buffalo chicken wrap left, so she replied, “Daddy’s tearing up that wrap!”  Just then Laura Marie swatted at a mosquito that flew past, and she said, “Lolly’s tearing up that mosquito!”

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