Laura Marie Takes Canada: August 21, 2013

August 21:

* Staying in a Bed & Breakfast in Saint-Adele, Laura Marie talked nonstop to our hosts at breakfast.  One story began, “One time I was tired and grumpy because I didn’t get enough sleep…” and she launched into a long and detailed story.  She also told them, “All day long I think about eating hamburgers.”

* We went to a children’s amusement park called Au Pays Des Merveilles, and Laura Marie wore her Little Red Riding Hood costume.  When the young lady who worked at the park as Little Red Riding Hood saw Laura Marie, she was so happy that she started chattering excitedly in French.  Laura Marie just stared at her and smiled.

* There were some extremely long slides that went down part of a mountain in the amusement park.  Laura Marie went down one, and then called back to Carolyn and me, “Are you guys okay?”

* After she emerged from a long stint in a castle moonbounce, I asked Laura Marie how she liked it.  With a sigh, she said, “It kinda wore me out.”

* We played a game that was like a life-sized board game, where you roll a large die and then walk to the right space.  Once there, you read the directions on that space and do what it says.  Laura Marie landed on one space that said “Kiss Your Parent” (and yes, that’s what it actually said).  She didn’t believe it.  She asked four times, “Is that really what it says?”

* Different characters did performances where they told their stories… in French.  It was very interactive, and the children in the audience frequently said or did something in response to the story.  During the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice kept asking the kids questions, and they would shout in happy unison, “Oui!”  Afterward Laura Marie asked us, “Why did the kids keep saying, ‘Wheee!’?”

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  1. I love this!!!

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