Laura Marie Takes Canada: August 22, 2013

August 22:

* At breakfast on this day, Laura Marie had a lot of thoughts to share with our hosts.  Such as: “We’re staying here because we’re on vacation.”  “I don’t remember home because we’ve gone to so many places at Bed and Breakfasts.”  “I have a passport, too.”

* While I was brushing her teeth, memories of home apparently started to return.  She said, “I remembered that I have a piggy bank at home!”

* There was a pond in the backyard of this B&B, and Laura Marie spent a good deal of time squatting next to it… petting frogs.

* In downtown Quebec, there was a shaggy teenager sitting on the sidewalk playing folk songs on a guitar.  Laura Marie stopped to listen for a few minutes, then said, “That’s beautiful music that the dude is singing.”

* When we put Laura Marie to bed, she kept getting up.  Finally I said, sternly, “Laura Marie Hyde!  Lie back down!”  She replied, with equal severity, “Nathan Hyde!  Stop lying on my pillow!”  It messes me up when she says something so stinkery but funny at the same time.

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  1. Hahahahaha! Got your hands full with that one! ❤

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