Memorable Ministry Moment #2

In honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, some memorable ministry moments:

The second one happened in the spring of 2009.  Carolyn and I were about six weeks away from the birth of our daughter.  As the pastor at CrossWay, I had gotten to know some of the 50 or so families whose children were enrolled at the Training Station Preschool, which is a part of our church.  This was several months before Carolyn became a teacher at the preschool—she was finishing her five-year stint as a kindergarten teacher in Crisfield.  That spring (I believe it was May), the families from the preschool held a baby shower for Carolyn and me.

Memorable Ministry Moment #2: The Training Station baby shower.  These families held a really nice shower for us, and they sat us up on the platform in the sanctuary as they showered us with gifts.  As we sat there, many of the children came up and joyfully handed us one present after another.  The kids were really into it, and their parents gave us hundreds and hundreds of dollars’ worth of extremely nice gifts.

Much of what we used with Laura Marie in the first couple years of her life were presents from that shower.  Together with the staff, they also made a book about parenting for us, where they shared their wisdom through a steady stream of hilarious and touching anecdotes.  I’m getting teary-eyed now thinking back on it!  I was not on staff at the preschool and many of these families didn’t even know Carolyn yet; there was no reason they should have felt compelled to be so generous to us.  It was purely an act of love.  There are very few moments in my life when I have felt so loved and cared for as I did during that baby shower.

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