Memorable Ministry Moment #1

In honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, some memorable ministry moments:

The first one I’d like to share occurred on a Sunday afternoon in late November or early December of 1998.  I had recently been to a small group Bible study for the very first time.  The people there were extremely welcoming and friendly, and I loved it, but….  Being terribly socially insecure, I felt like I would be intruding if I went back again.  If invited, I wouldn’t hesitate to go—but I didn’t want to barge in.  The small group was a ministry of Berlin First Baptist Church in Berlin, Maryland.  The Sunday after attending the Bible study, I attended the church’s worship service for the first time.  It felt like home.  Afterward I walked outside and began walking across the parking lot to my white Dodge Dakota pickup, not sure what my next step would be on my brand-new walk with Jesus.  This was heavily on my mind when I heard some footsteps behind me and a booming voice calling out, “Wait!  Wait!”  I turned around and saw the leader of the small group running across the parking lot toward me, waving the next week’s Bible study lesson in the air above his head.

Memorable Ministry Moment #1: Daryl McCready chasing me across the parking lot.  Bill Hybels has a book about evangelism which he has titled Just Walk Across the Room.  In this case, it was more like “just run across the parking lot.”  When he caught up with me, Daryl handed me the paper and invited me back to the group, which he hosted at his home with his wife, Traci.  Because he took that step—well, more like 25 steps—my life has never been the same.  We became prayer partners and he discipled me.  You know how you buy something new like a DVD and can’t figure out how to get the cellophane off?  The cellophane was still on my pilgrimage with Christ, and Daryl not only helped me figure out how to open it, but also guided me in how to understand the manual and actually start using it.

Long story short: we experienced our call into pastoral ministry together, he ordained me, and he further trained me by bringing me onto staff at the church he planted, SonRise Church.  It was also through my relationships at Berlin First Baptist that I met my future wife, Carolyn (Daryl would be the best man at our wedding).  It was through Carolyn that I got to know the people at what would become CrossWay Church.  And it all started when Daryl chased me across the parking lot.

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  1. Man, that indeed was good moment—an eternal moment!

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