I Think I Know Some of These Guys

Last night in our small group we were studying the ministry of Paul, Silas, and Timothy in Thessalonica.  As we were reading Acts 17:1-10, one of our readers read from the King James Version. 

In the New International Version, Acts 17:5 says that some Jews who were jealous of Paul “rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace.”  But you gotta love the KJV translation of this verse–instead of “bad characters” it calls them “certain lewd fellows of the baser sort.”

While I’m definitely not a big King James guy, there’s something to be said for turning a phrase like that.

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Nice Political Bumper Sticker

Seen in the parking lot near Bank of Ocean City:


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Picking Up a Ping Pong Ball (or How Not to Look Cool)

The other day Pastor John from the Gathering Tree made an astute observation: “I think I’ve looked the dumbest in life trying to pick up a ping pong ball.”

Who can’t relate to that?!?

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Great Quote About Capital Punishment

From the current issue of Christianity Today:

“It’s anti-evangelical to kill people.  Christianity is redemptive.  But you can’t redeem people by extinguishing them.”

– John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute

This seems obvious, yet so many people miss it.  As a white evangelical, it’s embarrassing that white evangelicals are the strongest supporters of the death penalty (with an approval of 74% according to the March 2008 issue of CT).  I honestly don’t understand how we can say that we believe Jesus died to pay for our sins, but other people have to die to pay for their own sins.

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You Can’t Buy the Gospel Through Amway

Today I was listening to Mark Driscoll’s sermon from Sunday.  He’s the pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

Talking about being a pastor, he said: “I’m not a salesman.  I’m a messenger.”

Well said!

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“Leaders don’t live for themselves. They live for others. Their lives raise everyone around them to heights they would not otherwise achieve.”

– Henry & Richard Blackaby, Called to Be God’s Leader

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Who Made Up the Preposition Rule, Anyway?

This one’s for you, Mom (thanks to Christi for providing the quote!):

“From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.”

– Winston Churchill

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Eastern Shore Priorities

This morning on the way to the office I saw this amusing K-Coast bumper sticker:


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Where Do People Get This Stuff?!?

My wife saw a pretty funny bumper sticker yesterday:

“If it ain’t King James, it ain’t the Bible.”

Ahh, the irony is almost unbearable!

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Chicken Fries, Autographs, and Wedgies

Visiting Carolyn’s classroom is always a blast. Usually it’s the highlight of my week. Last Friday I was able to visit for a couple hours. Here are some of the best quotes:

When Carolyn was talking about how different animals can be helpful, she came to dogs and asked, “How can dogs help you?” One little guy said: “They lick you clean.”

When Carolyn asked what kind of meat comes from chickens, one little girl answered: “French fries.”

I had just gotten there when this little boy walked up to Carolyn, bobbing his head back and forth very dramatically in a pecking motion, and announced: “Look, Mrs. Hyde, I’m a woodpecker!”

One boy had a baseball card of Jeff Russell. First he told me that it looked like me. Then a couple minutes later he walked over to me and held out his baseball card in one hand and a pencil in the other, and said: “Will you sign my card?” (As a kid I dreamed of the day when I played in the big leagues and people would come after to me to sign their baseball cards, but this is the first time it’s ever actually happened.)

And do you remember Milton, who had his own Top 10 post recently? When we were on the playground, he came over to me with a big grin and said: “Mr. Hyde, can I give you a wedgie?”

Kindergarteners. You gotta love ’em.

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