Milton Strikes Again

Remember “Milton” from Carolyn’s kindergarten class last year?  Apparently he’s giving his first-grade teacher as much… adventure… as he gave Carolyn in kindergarten.

Carolyn saw his class in the hallway last week.  Milton was at the end of the line, walking backwards, and he crashed into several of his classmates.

His teacher reprimanded him and told him to watch where he’s going.  He replied: “I can’t–I’m walking backwards!”

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  1. How can you respond to that?! It’s so true.. :D:D

  2. Funny you should ask, because your son was doing the same thing last night–in the street. I couldn’t convince him that walking backwards in the street was not a good idea, so I had to pick him up, put him on the sidewalk, and turn him around.

    He and Milton would get along well. They’re two of the funniest kids I’ve ever known.

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