Shorebirds & Zooperstars

Last weekend Carolyn and I went to a Shorebirds game.  It was the first time I’ve seen them lose this year.  It was a pitchers’ duel until the end of the game when the Shorebirds allowed runners to score from third on a passed ball–twice in a row.  But it was still fun.

Between innings we were entertained by “Zooperstars“–inflated animal characters with names similar to famous baseball personalities.  For instance, there was a large cow named Cow Ripken and a clam named Clammy Sosa.  But my favorite had to be Harry Canary, who sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh innning stretch.  Here he is (this one’s for you, Dad):

There were a couple little boys sitting behind us who were really funny.  They were having the best time, and they completely cracked up laughing at everything the Zooperstars did.  At one point one of the boys rolled up his game program, looked through it like a telescope, and announced to his friend: “Look, I made a stethoscope!”  That was even funnier than watching them boogie to the Chicken Dance.

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