Zoo Babies

Carolyn and I made what has become our weekly zoo trip a few days ago.  Sometimes I tease her about how much she likes the zoo, but I have to admit that there’s always something different there. 

On this visit we heard the wolves howling at some nearby sirens, saw a prairie dog jump on a peacock, watched two peacocks vying for a peahen’s affections, were entertained by some playful baby wolves, and saw some little baby peacocks.

We also discovered that bears and beavers get to enjoy nice fresh fruit there at the zoo.  It was another really hot day, and when we walked by the bear and saw a large bowl of fresh fruit lying there for him, Carolyn said, “I want some bear food!” 

Here’s a shot of one of the baby wolves, who are coming out of their den more and more.  They’re about six weeks old and are about the size of a cat:

This is one of the baby peacocks showing off his feathers, but they’re just not quite as impressive as his dad’s:

Here are a couple peacock babies with their mom:

And a special portrait Carolyn captured called “Peacock in Profile.”  As you can see, it’s from her blue period:

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