Defiantly Happy

Yesterday one of Carolyn’s kindergarten students was misbehaving and had to change his card.  (Each student has a card, and if they misbehave during the day they have to move it from green to yellow to red, with each color change carrying certain consequences.)

As this little guy was changing his card, he said very defiantly to Carolyn: “I’m still happy.”  (Carolyn said he didn’t look too happy.)

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  1. Not Happy…Sir Nathan. You are really slacking on your blogging…every day I check for something new…and nothing…but a disappointed face. Some of us look forward to this…sad but true, so would you kindly get with it dude! Haha But seriously, get up with me about your camera. Later Gater

  2. Thanks Jenna, I’ll try to get back in gear. My internet problems have really thrown me off, but I’ll work on figuring something out. And thanks for your help with the camera.

  3. Hi. I’m a fellow pastor that decided to get into this blogging thing a little deeper. I found yours and must say that I have enjoyed reading your “bloggings”!

    Be blessed!

    Pastor Mark

  4. Thanks Mark. I look forward to checking out your blog!

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