Blood Bank Bummer

Bummer. This morning the Blood Bank of Delmarva called to schedule an appointment, but it turns out I’m not eligible to donate for an entire year because Carolyn and I spent a couple days in the Costa Rican province of Alajuela. That stinks! Giving blood is one of the simple ways to do something that I know will make a difference and really help someone. Apparently Alajuela is on their list of places that are a malaria risk, so–malaria or not–I can’t donate for a year. That’s kind of had me bummed out all day, because that’s about five or six pints of blood total. Oh well.

Hey, if you’re reading this, could you maybe help me feel better and go donate?….

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  1. Hey Nathan- feel better because I did donate blood on Tuesday! I think that that is the very, very least thing I can do!


  2. Cool. Way to go, Judy!

  3. Brother,
    That is frustrating that you can’t share your blood to help others. However, you seem to be doing a great job sharing the blood of your saviour with those who need it.

    Be encouraged.

  4. Thanks T. Michael! And I appreciate you stopping by.

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