Play Ball! Production Is Underway

This past week I spent a day and a half working with pastors from other churches to film video for a series we’re collaborating on in June.  The series is called “Play Ball!” and has a baseball theme.  It’s about getting in the game–moving from the bleachers to the bench to the ballfield.  Or in our context, moving from the community to the church to active ministry.

On Wednesday we went to the Shorebirds game in Salisbury.  It was Daryl, Kyle, and Jenna from SonRise, John from the Gathering Tree, Bryan from the Worship Center, and me.  Before the game we filmed some promotional videos, and during and after the game we filmed a short illustrative series.  In the process we all got scorched by the surprisingly hot April sun!

Thursday we spent a couple hours recording in front of the green screen at the SonRise office.  Jenna is going to take that footage and use it in a couple of the videos.  That’s the footage I’m most concerned about, because Jenna is an expert at recording people (especially yours truly, who seems to be one of her favorite victims) and creating embarrassing videos primarily for her own amusement.  Her amazing video talents can be both a blessing and a curse!   However, I have to admit that I’m looking forward to seeing the embarrassing footage she got of the other pastors.

Something that made yesterday’s recording time very much worth it was Bryan’s five-year-old daughter.  At one point we had a song from High School Musical 2 playing on the monitor and she jumped in front of the green screen and just started going at it–singing, dancing, the whole deal.  It was so cute!  It made me laugh so hard I’m surprised my contacts didn’t pop out.  Hopefully Jenna captured it all on film.

You know you have a cool job when a day at work can include hanging out with your friends at a baseball game.

Last year’s collaboration involved spending time at the beach and on a boat.  This year’s meant going to a baseball game.  I’m thinking maybe next year something with a Hawaii theme would be nice….

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  1. Hawaii theme?? I’m in!!

  2. Well Nathan, I do have some embarrassing footage of you (as I have already watched it several times)but I have to admit, you were all to aware of the camera and my stealthy camera ways, so the footage I have of everyone else is far more embarrassing than yours(I’m almost sad to say). I would also like to point out that I just realized that you did not participate in the “Sherman-landbasing” adventure, and I have to admit I’m slightly disappointed.
    And for one final note…I do make videos for my amusement, but not primarily, I like to think that I have an eye for things that will greatly amuse many…and embarrass a few (yeah that sounds noble…almost).

  3. Whoa, Jenna, you sound a little defensive! I’m looking forward to seeing the embarrassing footage of the others.

    As for the Sherman deal, you may notice two things:
    (1) Daryl & I are the only ones who don’t have grass stains on our new jerseys.
    (2) Daryl has an associate–complete with grass-stained jersey.

  4. Haha, not defensive…proud of my job. I can’t wait to show you guys what I have!

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