Wolves, Pizza, Babies… Stuff Like That

Last weekend was very much a little kid weekend. On Saturday we took two girls, ages 9 & 5, to the zoo. It was pretty cool–the new wolf exhibit now actually has its wolves! (Okay, so it looks like a dog, but you kinda gotta go on faith here.)

Then we went out for pizza and headed to Coco’s Funhouse. Afterward we stopped at a nearby pet store, where the girls had as much fun as they did anywhere else we went that day. They fell in love with a little cocker spaniel and tried to convince Carolyn and me that we needed a dog. We topped off the day with Frosties from Wendy’s.

On Saturday afternoon we took baby twin girls to have their one-year-old pictures taken. They were so cute in their little frilly dresses and swimsuits! Here’s one of them smiling for the camera later that day:

One of the babies in the following picture is blurry, but this is just to prove that there were actually two of them:

After that weekend, Carolyn and I both slept soundly!

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  1. That day had a strange similarity. 1st you saw a wolf that looked like a dog.. and then you had a baby who, when she feels wind on her face, acts like a dog. See Ellie there on the left?

  2. Oh yeah, she is striking a rather wolf-like pose! Very astute observation.

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