Transition, Part 3

This might sound harsh, but I wish more people would make a transition. I mean really–have you ever noticed how many people are obviously in the wrong job?

I don’t mean to bust on people, but something is not right when the Wal-Mart greeter ignores you, the nurse cops an attitude, the secretary can’t spell (and doesn’t care), the cook sneezes in her gloves, the tailor orders mismatching vests and bow ties, the shipping department never ships the package, and the mailman can’t match up the address on the envelope with the address on the mailbox.

Here’s the good news: everybody was made to do something. Everyone can do something well. Maybe that secretary can maintain sanitary practices while cooking; maybe that nurse can match up addresses; maybe the greeter can spell; maybe the tailor can smile and speak gently to medical patients.

In the church world, we talk frequently about how God wants the best for people. But somehow we’ve limited that to avoiding sin and serving in a ministry. And yet it includes so much more–for instance, being in the right job.

Obviously, we can’t all just jump into the job we want. Sometimes being in the right job means years of training, education, and hard work, plus getting all the right breaks on the climb up the ladder. But even so, many people are not even on the right track, and it shows.

That’s another reason for my current transition. I’m simply not the guy that fits what the church needs most at this point in its growth.  And it shows–I’m not going to kid myself.  It’s best for the church and for me to find the place where I’m shaped to fit, and make room here for the person that’s shaped to fit into my current role.

On a side note: Though I’m no longer the right match for this position, I wouldn’t trade my experience at SonRise for anything in the world!  It’s been more valuable to me than a seminary education.  I can’t imagine anything else doing so much to prepare me for the role that God is transitioning me into.

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